Trained Technicians, Rapid Response

A major portion of our business is repairing the many cryogenic pumps and equipment manufactured by ACD, J.C. Carter, CVI, Cryomach, CCI, Cosmodyne, CS&P, Cryogenic Industries, Cryostar and Hydra Rig.

With the expertise of our trained technicians, we are able to service and repair most cryogenic pumps, either reciprocating or centrifugal, including individual Bellows Seal Repair. Our Facilities make use of only genuine OEM parts for our repairs. Every repair completed has met all current factory specifications or it does not go out the door. Our goal at Texas Cryogenics is to service companies and to produce a quality product and to reach the customer in a helpful and friendly atmospthere.

Large Inventory, Prompt Delivery

Our large spare parts inventory consists only of genuine OEM parts which helps us ensure a quick delivery of repaired equipment. It’s also ideal for providing you with any parts needed for in-house repair by your own technicians. Our stocked inventory, which is controlled through a state-of-the-art computer system, holds reorder points on many of our commonly used parts to ensure that depletion of parts does not occur. If we do not have the part that you need in stock, we are linked directly to our vendors computer system and will order your part with minimal loss of time. Before our spare parts are shipped to you, they are cleaned and packaged securely as not to damage the parts through shipment.


At Texas Cryogenics, Inc. since 1997 “Perfection” is a job description.

Our values demand that we be dedicated to your success, and we understand the difference between sales and relationships. It is our goal to strive for great relationships, above great sales. Through experience, we know that good business coalitions result in good business solutions. We relentlessly seek excellence in quality of product, delivery, service, support, and customer satisfaction …in all that we do.


At Texas Cryogenics we believe in providing quality service to our customers.

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We have a complete line of Centrifugal and reciprocating pumps to fit all customer needs.

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It is our goal to strive for great relationships, above great

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