• Applications
    • Oil well service
    • High pressure pumping
    • Mobile pumping equipment
  • Optional Accessories

    • Mechanical tach adapter
    • Ratio: 3.04 to 1.0 & 2.28 to 1.0
  • Features & Benefits

    • 3-SGCB “Chain Box” is lubricated to minimizing wear and tear on bearings/crosshead piston &chain while keeping all components cool
    • Rugged, heavy duty construction allows for high reliability in oil well service and a proven industry
    • Multiple cold end sizes and drive end strokes to allow for wide range of flows and pressures providing flexibility to end users and applications
    • All cold ends have minimal material for quick cool down and minimal wear and tear at start-up
  • product5 product5a

  • Reciprocating Pump
    SGCB Cold Ends

    • 1-1/4“ CE000054
    • 1-5/8“ CE000173
    • 2“ CE000233
    • The 1-5/8” cold ends are the most with the SG “Chain Box”

Performance Map
Overall Dimensions: 3-LMPD Right Hand